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Published by Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre : 11-01-2018

Aqua Aerobics Timetable 2018

Aqua Aerobics Timetable 2018

Aqua Aerobics Timetable Update Information

 What changes are occurring?

Multiple changes to the timetable, the full list can be seen below. Main changes include moving Friday classes to Thursday, Moving morning class start times a little earlier and moving the second class Wednesday morning to Tuesday. The same number of classes per week have been retained. An updated copy is available on our website www.belmontoasis.com.au.

 When does this commence?

Some changes have already commenced with the remainder coming into effect on Monday the 15th of January.

 What is the reason these have been changed?

The main reason for the changes for the timetable review is based around pool lane availability for Term 1 and conflicting programs that would likely negatively affect the quality of the aqua aerobics program.

Friday moved to Thursday- Term 1 sees a number of school carnivals booked for Friday’s. Instead of removing these classes from the timetable we have decided to change the day.

Wednesday moved to Tuesday- With competing schedules we have struggled to find a permanent instructor for this timeslot. Instead of removing it from the timetable we have decided to change the day.

Morning classes time change- after receiving the February bookings for school swimming lessons it was apparent that the lane spacing around the 11.00am timeslot would be tight. The change was made to ensure quality of classes for both aqua and swimming lessons.

Tuesday evening time change- the later timeslot had been affecting bookings and lap swimmers.

30 minute express classes- to keep up with industry trends we have introduced 30 minute express classes. These classes are higher intensity for a shorter period.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening class type swap- the changes made certain days heavy on deep water classes, to keep a fair and balanced timetable these class types were switched.

 When will the timetable be reviewed next?

Timetables are constantly monitored and reviewed based on feedback and attendance. The opportunity may occur to review the timetable at the end of Term 1 around April 2018.

 Can I speak with someone about the changes?

If you would like to speak with someone about the changes, please email groupfitness@belmontoasis.com.au and we will be happy to contact you.












Circuit 45


Circuit 45































Aqua for all

Aqua for all


Aqua for all













*Express Higher Intensity 30 minute class

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Aqua Aerobics Timetable Update

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