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Published by Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre : 23-02-2017

Face2Face Results Program

Face2Face Results Program

On Wednesday 23rd Feb, Belmont launched the new Face2Face results program. This program is a complimentary part of every membership.
With up to 5 complimentary sessions covering everything you need to achieve your goals, Face2Face is the revolutionary results program everybody should be a part of.
Read on for more information on each stage.
Stage 1 – Personal Profile
The Personal Profile session will help you to find out where you are and where you want to be. This session begins with a non-invasive look at your current health and fitness, in order to give you a starting point from which to base all of your future results. After this, we’ll get to setting goals for your training. From there, the fitness specialist can go away and prepare your program for stage 2.
Stage 2 – Your Workout (1-3 days after Stage 1)
In this stage, the fitness specialist will take you through your new workout plan and show you how to use all of the necessary equipment. The program itself will be easy to understand and very time-efficient, so no need to commit to spending hours in the gym. From here, you should have the knowledge and skills to be able to complete the program in your own time.
Stage 3 – Workout Boost (around 7 days after stage 2)
After about a week of training by yourself, you should have completed at least 3 workouts since your stage 2 appointment. At this session, a fitness specialist will review your program and assess whether or not it is too challenging, or not challenging enough for you. From here, they can tweak and refine the program to suit your personal needs. They will also check out your technique with the equipment to make sure you’re using it properly and not risking injury.
Stage 4 – Eating Habits (generally 7+ days after stage 3)
*Face2Face does not do diets*
What Face2Face does do well, is easy-to-manage small changes to your eating habits. You can’t run until you can walk, so what we do is teach you the healthy eating version of walking. Rather than completely cut carbs, or tell you off for indulging in a piece of cake, we will support you to take small gradual steps to becoming a healthier person. You will be given a ‘food diary’ at stage 3 for you to fill out before attending stage 4. If you don’t fill this out, don’t worry. We’d still love to help you to become a healthier person, so please attend regardless.
Stage 5 – Results Review (1 month after stage 1)
This is the big one. Here you will find out how all of your hard work has paid off. In a similar way to stage 1, this will be a non-invasive look at your health and fitness, which you can then compare to your stage 1 results. We guarantee that you will see improvements, and the best part is, you’ve only been at it for a month at this stage! Imagine what adopting this as your ongoing healthy lifestyle will be like 3, 6, even 12 months down the track.
At the conclusion of stage 5, you will be invited to a ‘graduation’ event. There’ll be one of these events each month, and they will be attended by all of the members who, like you, have completed their Face2Face training.
After this, you’ll be entitled to catch-ups with a fitness specialist every 8 weeks, just to check in, see how you’re going, and change your program if need be, these are known as ‘elev8’ sessions and like the program itself, they’re available complimentary as part of your membership.
For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 9277 1622

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On Wednesday 23rd Feb, Belmont launched the new Face2Face results program. This program is a complimentary part of every membership.

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