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Enjoy training with others in a vibrant, fun environment? Then Group Fitness is for you!

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Group Fitness

Our comprehensive Group Fitness timetable is packed with everything you need to improve your cardiovascular conditioning, strength and flexibility.  With 40 classes to choose from you'll always find something to fit your age, interest and schedule.


Belmont Oasis is hosting School Carnivals in February and March. Click Here to find out how this will affect the Aquaerobics Timetable.

Innovative, motivational, and led by our experienced Fitness Professionals - we offer a packed timetable of group exercise classes to fit every age, interest, and schedule. Group fitness classes help to improve your cardiovascular conditioning, strength and flexibility, in a fun, social and motivating environment.

Belmont Oasis offers a wide range of group fitness classes with different levels and benefits to ensure that there is something for everyone. Our instructors are professionally trained and are always keen to welcome new faces no matter what your fitness level or age.
Enjoy the motivation of aerobic and yoga oriented training at your own level in a group environment in our fitness studio along with top quality advice on how to keep fit.
At Belmont Oasis, we have programmes for all ages including a variety of senior circuits specifically catered to our more mature patrons.  These classes are designed to accomplish improvements in strength, muscle tone, flexibility and balance, which all help to achieve a better quality of life.
We run a variety of Les Mills Group Fitness programmes including BodyPUMP, BodyCOMBAT , BodyATTACK, BodySTEP and BodyBALANCE.   These enormously popular group fitness classes are a fantastic way to get fit and have a heap of fun in the process.

We have recently added cycle classes to our group fitness program.  These indoor cycling classes combine various motivational and sports psychology techniques to help you improve cardiovascular fitness and expand energy in a controlled and focused session.  Great for building strength and toning your lower body, these classes cater to all fitness levels.

We also boast a complete Aqua aerobic timetable with over 12 classes per week combining of Circuit45, H2Como, Nifty 50’s and H.I.T.  These are fantastic low impact classes conducted in our heated indoor pool.  The unique properties of water enable these physical improvements to occur in a relatively stress-free environment, which can be manipulated by each individual to provide resistance or assistance.  It is an ideal medium for people of all abilities and fitness levels.  Our instructors are qualified to adjust their classes to suit your specific needs including medical conditions and injuries.


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