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Published by Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre : 16-03-2018

Cycle Room Update

Cycle Room Update

What changes are occurring?

After a review of the 11 year old room capacities at the Centre, the Health Regulations Building regulations requires that the cycle studio capacity be reduced to 10 participants (based on floor square meterage and emergency exits).

We are maintaining our current timetable of 9 classes per week and introducing an additional program of Myzone Virtual Cycle. A copy of our current cycle timetable is available on our website http://www.belmontoasis.com.au/timetable-classes.

When does this commence?

The new room capacities have been authorised from Thursday 22nd March. Virtual Myzone for the site is being setup as we speak and we expect it to be introduced in the coming weeks.

What is Virtual Cycle?

Virtual Cycle is a screen guided tour through your cycle class. This program uses generated and real life video to take you around the world competing and visiting wonderful places. With the Myzone heart rate system integrated to the class, you are able to work out to your ideal intensity levels.

Which classes will be affected?

The majority of classes won’t be affected. After reviewing past Cycle attendance, 77% of classes have participant attendance equal to or less than 10 participants.

The classes that are larger in attendance include weekends and the odd afternoon class, it may be worth attending the centre a little earlier to ensure you collect a ticket. We don’t expect any capacity issues with the other classes.

We are investigating options for online group exercise check-in. This will allow you to reserve a position in a class before arriving to the centre. Unfortunately the technology isn’t quite able to integrate with our software just yet, no ETA has been determined for this option.

If you are unable to attend your chosen class check out our other group fitness programs at http://www.belmontoasis.com.au/timetable-classes.

What will additional Virtual Classes the new timetable look like?

We are taking feedback on when you would like to attend a virtual class. Visit https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/X683CRB to provide your feedback. We anticipate introducing an additional 3-4 classes to the timetable and introduce further based on attendance and feedback.

Can I speak with someone about the changes?

If you would like to speak with someone about the change, please email groupfitness@belmontoasis.com.au and we will be happy to contact you.

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