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Published by Belmont Oasis Leisure Centre : 01-01-2018



This program is a complimentary part of every Belmont Oasis Centre Membership. The Face2Face program offers members of our health club dedicated ongoing support from our fitness team. With up to 5 complimentary sessions covering everything you need to achieve your goals, Face2Face is the revolutionary results program everybody should be a part of.
Stage 1- Personal Profile.
This session begins with a non-invasive look at your current health and fitness, in order to give you a starting point from which to base all of your future results
Stage 2- Your Workout
In this stage, the fitness specialist will take you through your new workout plan and show you how to use all of the necessary equipment
Stage 3- Workout Boost
At this session, a fitness specialist will review your program and assess whether or not it is too challenging, or not challenging enough for you. From here, they can tweak and refine the program to suit your personal needs.
Stage 4- Eating Habits
*Face2Face does not do diets* What we do is easy-to-manage small changes to your eating habits.
Stage 5- Results Review
Here you will find out how all of your hard work has paid off. In a similar way to stage 1, this will be a non-invasive look at your health and fitness, which you can then compare to your stage 1 results.
Once you have completed the 5 steps, you will still receive support with 8 week checkups with one of our fitness coaches to ensure you keep progressing. All included within your membership.

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With 5 informative and exciting half hour consultations, you will feel confident and competent in your ability to perform your personalised workout, which will lead you to GUARANTEED RESULTS and it’s all included with your membership.

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